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Fukuoka: Mecca for the Environmental Industries
Japan is a country that exhibits strong environmental awareness. Japanese companies give due consideration to the environment and also view this as a business opportunity. Fukuoka Prefecture has chosen a zero emissions initiative as its fundamental policy for developing an environmentally conscious economic society and is promoting this as one of its development goals. A wide range of businesses in the environmental industries are located in Fukuoka, offering an attractive opportunity for overseas firms with advanced environmental technologies.
A Concentration of Cutting-edge Environmental Technologies
Firms and research institutions in Fukuoka Prefecture have accumulated a vast array of environmental technologies. Fukuoka Prefecture has a rich and deep heritage as one of the four major industrial regions in Japan, as signified by the establishment of Japan’s first modern ironworks in 1901. Advanced iron manufacturing technologies as well as petrochemical, mechanical and other technologies that are required for today's environmental industry are concentrated in the prefecture. In addition, a number of companies boast innovative environmental technologies that have overcome various emissions-related treatment issues.
Outstanding Logistics
The environmental industry is established upon and supported by a long value chain. Therefore, having a preeminent logistics infrastructure is an important factor for success. In this respect, Fukuoka Prefecture has developed Japan's leading port facilities as well as railway and road networks and is the only region in Japan with large port facilities facing the east coast of Asia. These factors enable foreign companies in the environment-related industries located in Fukuoka to conduct international business, bringing all of Asia including Japan within reach.

Kitakyushu Ecotown Project
Kitakyushu City, located in northern Fukuoka Prefecture, has been promoting environmental and recycling industries since the approval of the ecotown project by the national government ahead of other regions in Japan in 1997. The experimental study area is equipped with experimental facilities necessary for the development of environmental technologies by companies and support is provided for smooth development and commercialization. More than twenty firms are engaged in businesses for recycling plastic containers, automobiles, home electronic appliances, waste materials, and other items.
Omuta Ecotown Plan
Omuta City, located in southern Fukuoka Prefecture, has proactively promoted the lifecycle-oriented recycling industry since 1998 when its ecotown project was approved by the government. The area boasts Japan's first commercial Refused Derived Fuel (RDF) power plant which started operations in 2002. In addition, activities to support research, education and commercialization have been conducted at the environmental technology research center (Omuta Ecosanc Center). Currently, over 10 companies are engaged in recycling-oriented businesses.
Fukuoka Research Center for Recycling Systems
Fukuoka Prefecture is promoting the development of recycling technology and a recycling-based socioeconomic system and supports the implementation of such under a new joint research framework comprised of companies, universities and local government. Fukuoka Research Center for Recycling Systems was established in 2001. It offers support for research and development and commercialization as well as the provision of information with the objective of realizing a recycling-oriented society in cooperation with Kitakyushu City, Omuta City and other cities.

Major Companies
Guidebook on Technologies of Environment-Related Corporations in Fukuoka Prefecture
This guidebook is a resource on the environmental technologies of each company that has a base in Fukuoka Prefecture possesses. It presents information on 49 such companies that possess outstanding technologies in the fields of waste, water, the atmosphere, energy, and other areas. Many of the companies have also expanded their operations overseas, where their environmental technologies have been highly regarded. It is expected that this exchange between the Japanese and various other countries’ environmental industries will only increase on into the future, leading to improvements on environmental issues across the world.
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