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Fukuoka Nanotechnology Creates New Industries
Nanotechnology is a fundamental technology with an important place in many fields such as materials, biotechnology, semiconductors, energy and the environment. Its utilization advances manufacturing technologies and enables the development of totally new materials and products. According to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Japanese nanotechnology-related industry is expected to grow from the current 3 trillion yen to about 26 trillion yen by 2030. Many companies are promoting strategies targeting this huge market.

Fukuoka Prefecture holds excellent potential in the nanotechnology industry, with traditional strengths at its universities in organic and inorganic chemistry, and a versatile representation in the material- and machinery-related industries, ranging from metals and ceramics to semiconductors and automobiles. These excellent conditions make Fukuoka the optimal business hub for foreign companies pursuing the development of new businesses utilizing nanotechnology.

Fukuoka Prefecture has eighteen universities, research institutions and other entities engaged in nanotechnology research. Kyushu University, for example, possesses advanced technologies and expertise in measurement and analysis for the development of nano-materials and supports research and development as well as the product development projects of several companies.
Ultrahigh voltage electron microscope at Kyushu University
The Ultraprecision Machining Support Laboratory of Fukuoka Industrial Technology Center is equipped with a high-precision, 3-D processing machine that maintains nano-level precision as well as other equipment, and implements joint research in an aim to develop high value-added metal molds.
The world’s first and only Fullerene mass production plant is located in Fukuoka, where a large quantity of low-cost Fullerene is produced. In addition, making effective use of this advantage, a variety of applied research on Fullerene has been promoted.
Fullerene produced by Frontier Carbon

Nano-Fukuoka 21 Project
Fukuoka Nanotechnology Promotion Conference, the base for promoting nanotechnology in Fukuoka, participated in by about 340 entities including companies and research institutions that excel in nanotechnology, aspires to create new technologies and new industries utilizing nanotechnology through the collaboration of government, industry and academia.
The conference promotes business and the coordination of joint research by corporations and research institutions, and encourages exchange with other nanotechnology development centers. Through these efforts, the issue of horizontal linkage, which is the challenge for nanotechnology in a wide range of applications, will be solved.
Fukuoka Prefecture provides companies engaged in the development of the use of Fullerene with samples free of charge. In addition, subsidies are provided to firms that develop Fullerene-applied products (around 2 million yen per theme.)
A support facility for ultra-precision processing is made available to the public, furthering the advancement of precision processing technologies.

Major Companies
Frontier Carbon
Constructed the world's first Fullerene plant for mass production. Succeeded in mass production of low-cost Fullerene.
Boasts the world's largest market share in antifouling technology using a nano-level hyperplane smoothing process (sanitary chinaware) as well as optical ferrules (optical communication component) and air slides (for semiconductor manufacturing devices) using nano-processing techniques.
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