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Fukuoka Prefecture Opens Four Child Support Offices
Fukuoka Prefecture has opened four Child Support Offices throughout the prefecture to offer one-stop support to child-rearing households facing economic or other difficulties. Coordinators from the offices makes house calls to consult with people about their concerns, after which they draft support plans tailored to each household's needs in coordination with various agencies.

Prefecture Launches Fukuoka Bousai Free Wi-Fi
To boost disaster preparedness in public facilities, Fukuoka Prefecture has begun operating Fukuoka Bousai Free Wi-Fi, a public wireless LAN with emergency telephone service (Note: Bousai means " disaster prevention. ") This Wi-Fi service will enable speedy internet connections in the event of a disaster. Users will not need to register for the service, but will be automatically directed to the Prefecture's disaster prevention homepage. The Prefecture aims to enhance ways to communicate information in the event of a disaster as well as information about disaster prevention by using this service as a model to encourage municipalities to install similar Wi-Fi networks.

Woman Work Cafe Kitakyushu Opened
The Government of Japan, Fukuoka Prefecture and Kitakyushu City have teamed up to open Woman Work Cafe Kitakyushu on the 2nd floor of the AIM Building in Kitakyushu City. The cafe will provide support to women looking for work, women seeking career advancement opportunities and women looking to start their own companies. The national government will provide information on job openings, including positions that can be balanced with child-rearing. The Prefecture, meanwhile, will offer consultations to women who have work-related concerns and accompany facility users to interviews at their request. Kitakyushu City will offer job placement support for single mothers, including consultations on nursery school entrance procedures. It will also hold seminars and networking meetings for women who are thinking about starting their own companies. This is the first-ever facility in Japan in which governments at the national, prefectural and municipal level have joined forces to provide job placement support for women.

Fukuoka City and Partners to Develop Fuel Cell Truck
Fukuoka City will team up with several private-sector companies to develop Japan's first-ever fuel cell truck. The truck will run on hydrogen extracted from the biogas generated by sewer sludge in Fukuoka City. The vehicle itself will be designed by Tokyo-based automobile manufacturers. The demonstration test will be conducted with a transportation company's truck in an effort to promote the adoption of fuel cell vehicles in the distribution sector. Development will take two years, and the experimental vehicle is scheduled to run cargo deliveries in the Tenjin area starting in 2018.

Fukuoka Prefecture Assists with Kumamoto Recovery
In the immediate wake of the massive damage sustained by the Kumamoto Earthquakes, the Prefectural Police dispatched its Wide-area Emergency Support Team and Fukuoka Prefecture dispatched its Emergency Firefighting Brigade and Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT) to the affected areas. The prefecture also sent other experts, such as a Health Management Support Team and the building risk assessment officers, and made every effort to provide relief to its southern neighbor. Furthermore, a large number of Prefectural Office employees and employees from local municipalities in Fukuoka Prefecture worked in the disaster-stricken areas managing evacuation centers, issuing disaster victim certificates and so on. Governor Ogawa also visited the affected areas to offer his condolences to the victims and pledged his continuing support to the recovery effort.

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