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Nissan Motor Loans Electric Vehicle to Prefecture Free of Charge
Nissan Motor has loaned an electric vehicle to Fukuoka Prefecture free of charge for three years. The vehicle, a five-passenger van, has a maximum capacity of 1500 W and can travel up to 190 km on one charge. Coinciding with the loan, the Prefectural Office has installed a quick charging facility for electric vehicles that anyone is free to use. A 30-minute charge costs about 450. This is just one way the Prefecture is promoting the widespread adoption of next-generation vehicles along with the installation of required infrastructure.

Prefecture, Fukuoka and Kitakyushu Cities Boost Subsidies to Attract Businesses
Fukuoka Prefecture has established a new corporate relocation subsidy to attract companies aiming to relocate or expand their head office functions in the prefecture. The subsidy will cover 2% of capital investment for relocations or expansions, half of the annual cost of building and equipment leases, and 300,000 per person hired. Starting in fiscal 2016, Fukuoka City will increase its relocation subsidies for certain cases. Companies that relocate their headquarters to the city will now be able to receive rent subsidies of up to 100 million over two years and wage subsidies of up to 100 million over three years. Meanwhile, companies that relocate to Kitakyushu can receive subsidies equivalent to up to 33% of capital investment, up to a maximum of 500 million, depending on the number of jobs they create, as well as 500,000 per new full-time employee hired.

Fukuoka City Establishes New Subsidy for Foreign Entrepreneurs
In fiscal 2016, Fukuoka City will begin offering subsidies of up to 120,000/month to cover 50% of rent and office equipment expenses in an effort to attract more foreign entrepreneurs to the city. With this, the City adds another arrow to its quiver for encouraging startups, following on the heels of relaxed visa requirements for entrepreneurs within its National Strategic Zone. The City aims to grant around 10 subsidies in the initial year of the new scheme. In addition to this, City Hall is also planning sessions to provide support for local companies aiming to expand overseas and match entrepreneurs with existing companies.

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