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The Perfect Location
Away from the congestion and high-prices of Tokyo, Fukuoka Prefecture offers the perfect option for foreign companies interested in gaining a foothold in Japan. A blossoming center for new industries and international exchange, Fukuoka is located in perfect proximity to the major markets of East Asia as well as major cities in Japan.

Domestic Connections
There are two convenient airports in Fukuoka Prefecture; Fukuoka Airport and Kitakyushu Airport.
The Tokyo-Fukuoka air route is the world’s second busiest, with 90 daily flights departing for Tokyo approximately every 5-20 minutes, and approximately 30 flights per day depart from Kitakyushu Airport.
Over 300 daily flights connect Fukuoka to other major cities nationwide.
Although Japan is the world’s second-largest economy, it is a small country in terms of land area. Even the most distant parts of Japan’s islands can be reached by air in a couple of hours. It is often more convenient to take a short, comfortable flight from Fukuoka to Tokyo than to try to commute by car or train through rush hour congestion from the Tokyo suburbs.
With well-developed bullet train and expressway networks, convenient access to all over Japan is ensured.

Gateway to East Asia
Fukuoka Prefecture is nearly equidistant from Tokyo and Shanghai. Shanghai, Seoul and Taipei can be visited in a one-day return trip. Hong Kong and even Beijing can be reached in just a few hours. About 20 major cities in Asia and the world can be reached by approximately 300 weekly flights from Fukuoka.
High-speed passenger ships connect Fukuoka and Busan, South Korea in less than 3 hours.
More than 60% of all trade based in Kyushu Island is with Asian countries.
75% of foreign investment in Fukuoka is dedicated to a strategy involving not only Japan, but other East Asian markets as well.
Approximately 5,000 international students from Asian countries have chosen to study in Fukuoka.

For these and many other reasons, Fukuoka provides the perfect location for a company looking to access the Japanese market with an eye toward expansion into South Korea and China

Optimal Logistics
Fukuoka Prefecture offers the logistics to support businesses that take advantage of its excellent location.
By Air
Fukuoka Airport
Access is very convenient, just 10 minutes from the central part of Fukuoka City.
Fukuoka Airport handles the fourth largest air cargo volume in Japan, acting as the point of export for many Fukuoka products including semiconductors, silicon wafers, and electronics.
Approximately 19 million people use the airport annually.
Exports and imports via Fukuoka Airport are also the fourth largest in Japan, with exports about 770 billion yen and imports about 390 billion yen in 2005.
Kitakyushu Airport
Located on an artificial island, operation available for 24 hours.
With early-morning and late-evening flights, perfect for business use.
Expected to serve as a cargo and distribution base, taking advantage of its extended operation hours.
By Sea
Two major seaports service Fukuoka Prefecture, Hakata Port and Kitakyushu Port.
Routes between Hakata Port (Fukuoka City) and Shanghai offer the option of high-speed, roll-on/roll-off shipping service, connecting the two cities in about 27 hours.
The Island City project, on the eastern coast-side of Hakata Bay, is further enhancing harbor, research and development, and industrial capabilities of Hakata Bay.
Both of Fukuoka’s major ports have been designated Special Redevelopment Zones by the Japanese government, offering around-the-clock logistics services and customs office charges reduced by 50%.
Hakata Port
Offering about 40 international container liner routes with about 200 monthly services, connecting Fukuoka to countries all over the world.
Volume of international container cargo has increased almost threefold in the past decade, totaling about 670,000 TEUs in 2005.
The largest international passenger port in Japan, it has consistently been the busiest passenger port in Japan since 1993.
Port usage fees are among the lowest of major ports in Japan.
Kitakyushu Port
Offering about 45 international container liner routes with about 200 monthly services, connecting Kitakyushu to countries all over the world.
A leading international trading port located close to the center of Kitakyushu City, a major industrial center that has supported Japan’s industrialization.
Volume of international container cargo is about 420,000 TEU. The port is also an important base for domestic distribution.
By Land
Expressway network covers the whole Kyushu Island and all over Japan.
(c)Japan Freight Railway Company
Well-developed railroad network enables transportation of containers to anywhere in Japan within two days.
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